Welcome to the Untergasser's Lab!

This page I want to use to share my protocols and personal knowledge with the Internet. The idea is not to collect lots of protocols, it is to write down key protocols in a way that they can be repeated without any further help, even by unexperienced students. I hope that will save me time for troubleshooting and explanations in future. The way the protocols are written is also close to how I would explain it to a student, including tips what to take care of and reminders how expensive the stuff is.

I do not gurantee that this protocols work or are correct. If you try them in you lab, it's at your own risk. I can not exclude typing errors or sentences that can be misunderstood. If you run into this kind of problems, please send me an e-mail so I can change the protocol.

In my protocols I always recomend a certain vendor. This does not mean that it is the best ever and I compared them all, it is just the one I am normally using. I don't get money for recomending them (I wish I would!) and you can buy whatever you want and it will probably do the same job. Having this said I tried to write all protocols with things from Invitrogen or columns from Qiagen. I personally would prefer nucleobond from MACHEREY-NAGEL over Qiagen, but in my hands Qiagen is good, the results are reliable, and, what is most important, it is easy to get everywere. Nevertheless you can modify the protocols to use your own in house colums, just read the manual and if you are not sure, give their technical support a call. They are helpfull and you will learn more about the product you are using.

The general idea is simple. I will not change the address to a protocol, so if you put a link to the page, you will always find the protocol. I will update the protocols if they are not completely clear or if there are errors in the protocol. If this modifications change the way how things are done it will get a new version number. The old version will be still accessible.

Usage statistics show that this page has a few visitors every day which are spread all over the world. That motivates me to continue and extend the page further. In 2008 I wrote a perl content management system that allows me to add pages much faster and registered www.molbi.de for better access. If you like the page or you think it can be improved, please send me a mail. It would be nice to get some feedback from the user comunity.

With best regards,

Andreas Untergasser